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Accounting Intern

The Accounting Intern role is responsible for learning and applying technical skills and working as part of a team to carry out tasks under close coaching and supervision.

Accounting Intern

Responsibilities Include:

  • Develops an understanding of the business and the role
  • Develops technical skills on the job
  • Works as an effective team member to complete project components and assignment tasks
  • Assists with preparation of various assurance and tax engagements
  • Participates in technical training
  • Seeks to gain knowledge of client businesses and industries
  • Effectively documents work
  • Identifies task issues as well as task progress in a timely and organized manner
  • Actively pursues self-development opportunities
  • Builds strong team relationship skills


  • Actively pursuing Accounting degree
  • Displays a positive attitude and demonstrates a willingness to learn
  • Communicates effectively

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