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2021 Inflation Adjustments & Tax Tables

The IRS has issued the 2021 annual inflation adjustments for may tax provisions, along with the 2021 tax rate tables for individuals, trusts and estates (Rev. Proc. 2020-45).

inflation adjustments

Here are the inflation adjustments to be used to prepare tax year 2021 returns:

• 2021 standard deduction will increase to:

  • $25,100 for married individuals filing jointly or surviving spouses
  • $18,800 for heads of household
  • $12,550 for unmarried individuals or married filing separate

• Maximum amount of the earned income tax credit (for taxpayers with 3 or more children) will increase from $6,660 for 2020 to $6,728 for 2021

• Maximum amount of the adoption credit will increase to $14,440

• Exemption amounts for the alternative minimum tax:

  • $114,600 for married individuals filing jointly or surviving spouses
  • $73,600 for unmarried individuals
  • $57,300 for married individuals filing separately
  • $25,700 for estates and trusts

• For tax years beginning in 2021, the Sec. 179 amount will be $1,050,000 with a phaseout threshold of $2,620,000

• The qualified business income threshold under Sec. 199A( e)(2) will increase to:

  • $329,800 for married individuals filing jointly
  • $164,925 for married individuals filing separate returns
  • $164,900 for single individuals and heads of household

• The Sec. 911 foreign earned income exclusion amount will increase to $108,700

• The basic exclusion amount for determining the unified credit against the estate tax will be $11,700,000 for decedents dying in calendar year 2021

• The annual gift tax exclusion amount will remain at $15,000

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